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Direct Push Soil and Groundwater Sampling

EST performs soil and groundwater sampling for our clients using our flet of truck-mounted Geoprobe Systems™ hydraulic-powered district-push and limited-access equipment.  Continuous soil coring or discrete-depth soil sampling are performed using our direct-push equipment.  Direct-push soil sampling technology minimizes the costs associated with the containment, transport, treatment or disposal of investigation-derived wastes, minimizes safety hazards commonly associated with other drilling methods and can often operate using a much smaller work area than other drilling methods.

Groundwater sampling is preformed for our clients using driven drop-screen samplers or by installing temporary one-inch diameter or larger PVC wells using hydraulic-drive coring techniques.  The method chosen for groundwater sampling is dependent on the hydraulic properties of the water-bearing zone and our client’s needs.  Soil and groundwater samples may be analyzed in EST’s California certified mobile laboratories to provide real-time evaluation of sample concentrations thus eliminating the wasted time and expense of unnecessary sampling and analysis.  Data compilation is computerized on-site for rapid turnaround to the client.

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