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Environmental Support Technologies (EST), a California Certified Small Business Enterprise, provides environmental field testing, mobile laboratory and subcontract remediation services throughout the western United States.  EST has completed over 4,000 projects over the last 20 years and is considered the leading and most experienced full-service field testing firm for soil gas surveys in our area.  EST’s extensive client lists include practically every major environmental consulting/engineering company in Southern California as well as many major commercial and industrial clients.  Our California certified mobile environmental laboratories are capable of analyzing soil gas, soil, and water for VOCs, gasoline range organics, and oxygenates for soil, water and vapor samples.  Our field services also include direct-push soil and groundwater sampling utilizing our fleet of trucks mounted and limited access Geoprobe® rigs.  Our field technicians also provide soil vapor, groundwater and remediation monitoring services.  The Company maintains a current California C57 Water Well Drilling license.

Coupled with our laboratory services, EST offers unique expertise in soil gas surveying.  EST provides real-time evaluation of soil contamination by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by means of combining a specialized probe installation technique with on-site laboratory analysis.  Our ability to analyze soil gas samples on-site allows for optimum placement of subsequent probes based on current data, in turn, eliminating the wasted time and expense of unnecessary sampling and analysis.  EST’s probe installation technique and on-site laboratory analysis have received the approval of all local regulatory agencies, including the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) and Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

EST’s subcontract remediation service provides engineering companies and consultants with the field services and equipment necessary for vapor extraction or injection of chemical compounds for the on-site remediation of subsurface contaminants in soil and groundwater.  EST provides depth specific injections of chemical compounds, such as permanganates, ORC™ using our fleet of direct-push rigs to assist in the remediation of VOC and hydrocarbon plumes.  Our fully permitted and vapor extraction systems can be installed at most sites in the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  EST will provide all necessary O&M and monitoring during the course of a project.

Additional services offered by EST include concrete coring, hand augering, borehole clearance, equipment rentals and agency permitting for soil boring installation.